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Proavio is a developer of performance-driven storage solutions designed specifically for post, broadcast, VFX and music production. Proavio is dedicated to providing a highly-satisfying user experience through innovative, specialty products that bring superior value and integrity to the creative marketplace. Proavio is committed to achieving industry leadership by empowering users with solutions that foster and drive creative excellence.




Company History
Founded in 2004, Proavio [a brand of Enhance Technology, Inc.], began as an effort to create a range of affordable storage solutions designed to offer users of any level, the ability to capture, edit and render full-quality HD video - using standard desktop computers. A true pioneer, Proavio developed some of the first "hybrid" ATA-to-SCSI video storage solutions in the industry, winning several awards for their achievements. After almost a decade, Proavio has continued to develope innovative professional and affordable tools with the specific purpose of enhancing creative freedom. Today, Proavio is the fastest growing storage company for media in North America, with expanding global representation through selected authorized partners.


Proavio storage solutions are recognized worldwide for their quality, innovation, performance and cost-effectiveness.