Mexico's Top Animation and VFX Studio Uses Proavio EB800MS Desktop Storage Arrays to Produce the Country's First 3D Animated Feature

As film studios move to actively bring 3D movies to the forefront of the cinematic experience, the demand for stereoscopic features is making its presence felt throughout the entire film industry and across the globe. Imagica, Mexico's first 3D animation studio answered the call and delivered the country's first 3D animated feature "El Gran Milagro" (The Greatest Miracle). "El Gran Milagro" was released internationally to praise from audiences and critics alike – winning the Hollywood Music in Media Award for "Best Indie Score of 2011".


To produce a full-length animated 3D feature, Imagica needed a reliable storage solution that was capable of storing a large amount of media and operate as the primary storage array for the team's animators, VFX artists and editors. "We were looking for a system that was capable of handling our entire production workflow from 2D/3D animation and visual effects to final editing. After reading a product review in Mac User magazine, a colleague of mine recommended that I take a look at Proavio.


"I read several more reviews and articles on Proavio storage products before making the decision to purchase their EB800MS solution" says Gregorio Núñez, director and co-founder of Imagica. "The EB800MS was the perfect solution for our facility and gave us a level of creative freedom that we were not expecting. The system played a very important role in the production and completion of El Milagro" notes Gregorio Núñez. "The EB800MS is a reliable, cost-effective system that we use in our studio on a daily basis".


About Imagica
Imagica was founded in 1990 by partners Alberto Binetti, Patricia García Peña, and Gregorio Núñez. Imagica is Mexico's first animation studio specializing in animation, VFX and motion graphics for television, commercials and feature films. Imagica currently provides creative services in Mexico, North America, Europe, Chile and Spain. To learn more about Imagica, go to www.imagica.com.mx




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