AdobeĀ® Validates Proavio EB400CR with CS6 & Creative Cloud


5 Out of 5 Stars in My Book!

prv eb400cr cs6

For my day to day software testing in my lab, the Proavio EB400CR with it's Raid5 USB 3.0 connection has simply been unmatched in features and performance. This is one of the few Raid units that allows ExFAT formatting for full Windows and OSX Read/Write which critical for my daily work with our Adobe ProVideo and Audio tools. Whether I'm running the same Adobe Premiere Pro project on a Mac Laptop or a PC Desktop, I know that the Proavio unit will deliver the maximum possible USB 3.0 Raid5 performance and protection. It's as simple as disconnecting the USB 3.0 cable from one machine to the next without the worry.



David K Helmly
Adobe Systems, Inc
Sr. Manager, Solutions Consulting Pro Video/Audio Americas


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Adobe CS6 Validated Solutions

1. EB400CR

2. EB800MS


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