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  • E500FR Versatile

Store, Protect, Mirror or Clone Your Media

EB500FR is a flexible desktop media storage solution featuring a 3rd generation hardware RAID controller, multi-interface connectivity and selectable storage modes for the ultimate in workflow adaptability. Configure, manage and monitor your E500FR with just a few simple clicks using Proavio's comprehensive Storage Manager software, available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux workstations.


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Capacity, speed and versatility
Big system features and capacity in compact, desktop solution

The new E500FR delivers flexible and reliable operation for desktop media professionals. Equipped with USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire800 connectivity, the E5000FR is an all purpose media storage solution that provides hardware acclerated multiple RAID, JBOD and Disk Clone modes for the ultimate in versatility, performance and reliability. Thanks to the latest USB 3.0 technology, the E500FR delivers data transfer rates up to 5X faster than USB 2.0 systems - and over 50% faster than FireWire800 drives.

e500fr ports

Simple, secure and reliable
Data protection for your most valuable digital assetse500fr backside

E500FR is the perfect storage solution for both studio and location-based production users who need fast, reliable storage that quickly adapts to any situation. The intuitive E500FR user interface simplifies the RAID configuration process and allows users to change and adapt their RAID settings based on specific needs. For full performance, choose RAID-0 with full capacity; for maximum protection, choose RAID-1 with automatic mirroring and full data redundancy or RAID-5 + spare for applications that require a balanced mix of fault-tolerance, performance & capacity. Unlike competitive USB and FireWire solutions, the E500FR takes your RAID options to the next level by offering advanced configuration modes designed for users with more specific storage needs and demands.


e500fr management

Easy to use, easy to manage
Simple and powerful management system management

E500FR features a rich and powerful, cross platform RAID Management software (UI) for instant control over every setting and configuration option available on your E500FR. Create RAID sets, recieve email-based notifications, review system logs and check drive health with a few simple clicks.



e500fr sound

Ready for the studio or the set
Acoustically superior solution for the creative environment

E500FR is designed to operate unobtrusively and as quietly as possible. Floating disk drive modules reduce rotational vibration effects and extend the life of the drive. A high performance, SMART fan system delivers ultra-low noise cooling for sensitive studio environments. High-efficiency 80+, green power technology lowers energy costs and keeps your E500FR up and running for years to come.






 Technical Specifications

Form Factor
5-Disk, Desktop RAID Array with Built-in Hardware RAID Controller
RAID JBOD, RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-10, RAID-5 and Disk Clone
(8) SFP+, 16G FC
(8) SFP+, 16G FC
USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire 800
Disk Support *
  • 3.5", 7.2K SATA, 6G


  • *NOTE: See models for available capacity configurations
Host OS Support
Mac OS, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Linux
Thunderbolt None
Power Supply Ultra-low noise , Energy Efficient 250W Power Supply with 80PLUS Green Technology.
System Cooling (1) Smart 8CM Cooling Module with Self-monitoring Fault Detection
System Management GUI Monitoring, Disk, Power & Cooling Status LED Indicators, LCD Control Panel.
Operating Temperature 50°F ~ 104°F
Relative Humidity 5% ~ 85% Non-condensing
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions (L) 10.25" (W) 6.14 " (H) 8.7"
Compliance RoHS, CE, TUV, FCC


  Product Features

onboard raid

Hardware RAID Solution

Hardware RAID with selectable RAID modes including JBOD & Clone.
16tb capacity

6G SATA Disk Drives

Supports 6Gb/s SATA disk drives and up to 16TB of storage capacity.

Optimized for Media

Designed for high resolution file formats and workflows.





High Performance

Speedy read and write speeds up to 300MB/s.

hot swap

Professional Grade

Professional-grade, fail-safe design for demanding applications.


Service & Support

3-year factory warranty with the 1st year of advance replacement.





Super Speed USB 3.0

Multi-interface, combo RAID storage with USB 3, eSATA and FireWire 800.


Innovative Engineering

Cable-less design for increased reliability and data integrity.






  Product Performance

e500fr usb3 chart1

Performance (MB/s) Read Write

speedomete small

  • READ: 172MB/s
WRITE: 149MB/s

Operating System

  • MacPro 4.1, Mac OS 10.6.8


  • Dual 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Host Bus Adapter

  • NEC USB 3.0 Adapter

Disk Drive Model

  • 2TB, Toshiba, 6Gb/s 7200RPM, 64MB Cache
Compare Performance
  • USB 3.0 Read: 172MB/s, USB 3.0 Write: 149MB/s
  • eSATA Read: 238MB/s, eSATA Write: 215MB/s
  • FW800 Read: 80MB/s, FW800 Write: 55MB/s


  • RAID 5, (1) Volume


 Solution Models (Includes Cables & Accessories)

  E500CR-F20T Includes (4), 4TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Drives
  E500FR-F15T Includes (4), 3TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Drives 15.0TB
  E500FR-F10T Includes (4), 2TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Drives
  E500FR-F5T Includes (4), 1TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Drives 5.0TB

 [1] Actual formatted capacity will depend on filesystem and selected RAID configuration.


  E500FR Spare/Replacement Disk Drive Modules spare disk

  500FR-HDDSK-4T 4TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Module
  500FR-HDDSK-3T 3TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Module 3.0TB
  500FR-HDDSK-2T 2TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Module 2.0TB
  500FR-HDDSK-1T 1TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SATA Disk Module 1.0TB

 [1] Actual formatted capacity will depend on filesystem and selected RAID configuration.