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  • DS320 Professional

Dual-Active 16G FC Workflow Storage Solutions for 4K Video & VFX

DS320 delivers the ultimate in rock-solid system reliability, redundancy and unmatched performance for any mission critical post production workflow. Active-active, dual controller, 16G Fibre system design provides users with continuous availability of media files at data transfer rates up to 3,500MB/s in RAID 5 mode. Extend compatibility with industry-leading Thunderbolt-to-FC bridging technology and add Thunderbolt users to Xsan, Stornext or MetaSAN shared storage environments. Grow your DS320FS storage capacity (up to 192TB) by simply adding multiple 16-disk expansion nodes.


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Drive your 4K creativity
High performance 16G FC storage for media and VFX creation.

Make the DS320 the centerpiece of your editing, color grading or visual effects studio. The DS320 features an easy-to-use hardware design which allows users to spend more time being creative and less time optimizing computer technology to meet their unique workflow demands. Empower your workstation with the speed and reliability needed for today's high-resolution post production and VFX workflows. Achieve smooth, real-time playback of complex visual effects compositions, preview projects at full native resolution and gain higher track counts in the edit process - all while enjoying fail-safe RAID protection of your most valuable digital assets.

ds316js to-PC


Optimized for high resolution workflows
End-to-end, 4K workflow storage solution featuring active-active storage controllers.

With a sustained throughput of over 3,500MB/s (RAID 5), the DS320 unlocks your workstation's true creative potential by giving facilities the option to take on a wider range of projects, formats and possibilities. From HD to 4K, the DS320 is the best storage solution for high resolution media formats such as DPX, RED R3D, ARRIRAW, Arri Alexa, uncompressed HD, DSLR RAW and more. Create, grade and render with total confidence knowing your system is ready to meet the demands of your next big project. The DS320 professional storage platform will allow you to create more content, achieve higher quality results, meet the tightest deadlines and engage in a wider range of projects than ever before. You will soon realize the DS320 is powerful storage platform capable of revolutionizing the way you create content. The Proavio DS320 is backed by a standard 3-year factory warranty and leading next-business day advanced replacement service program on all solution packages.


ha featureNo-Compromise reliability
Active-active, Enterprise-class storage solution

At the heart of DS320 is lies the industry's most dependable RAID technology. The DS320 incorporates next generation RAID technology with powerful active-active storage engines that deliver unimpeded performance and reliability - critical in today's fast-paced post production environments.



Thunderbolt-ready solution
Add Thunderbolt connectivity using the industry's most trusted bridging technology

Proavio has partnered with the industry's leading connectivity experts to offer instant compatibility with today's Apple and Thunderbolt equipped systems. DS320 users can take full advantage of Proavio FC SAN storage solutions without compromising reliability or performance. Add simultaneous access to existing FC users and Thunderbolt users with one single cost-effective solution.

ds320 tbltconnect


 Technical Specifications

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Form Factor
Dual Controller 16-Disk, 3 RU Storage/SAN Array
Memory 16GB (8GBx2)
Data I/O Ports
(8) SFP+, 16G FC
(8) SFP+, 16G FC
(4) SFP+, 16G FC Ports
Disk Support
  • 3.5", 7.2K SAS, 6G


  • *NOTE: See models for available capacity configurations
High Availability
  • Yes

6Gb/s SAS Expansion Bus (SFF8088), Up to 256TB[1], 64 Disks Max.[2]
Host OS Support
Mac OS, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Linux®, VMware®, ESX
Hot-swap Power (2) 500W, 80+, hot-swap power modules
Power Requirements


90~264 VAC, 46Hz~63Hz

9A~4.5A, 47Hz~63Hz (each module)

System Cooling

100~240 VAC, 46Hz~63Hz

12A~6A, 47Hz~63Hz (each module)

System Cooling (2) Hot-Swap Smart Fan Modules
Operating Temperature 50°F ~ 104°F
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 85% Non-condensing
Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions (L) 23.22" x (W) 19" x (H) 18.97"
Compliance RoHS, CE, TUV, FCC
Certifications VMware VSphere 5
SAN Compatibility FibreJet, MetaSAN, SANmp, Stornext, Xsan


[1]Formatted capacity will depend on filesystem and RAID settings         [2]Based on (1) DS316F8 storage system and (3) expansion arrays


  Product Features


Dual-Active Platform

Available with dual or single storage controllers for added flexibility.
sas disk

6G SAS-2 Disk Support

Use 6Gb/s 3.5" SAS disks or SATA disks in single controller models
for video

Optimized for Cinema

Designed for 4K resolution file formats and workflows.





High Performance

Experience ultra-fast read and write speeds up to 3,500MB/s.

hot swap

Professional Grade

Professional-grade, Hot-swap components for 24/7 operation.


Service & Support

3-year factory warranty with the 1st year of advance replacement.




tbolt ready


Instantly add high-speed FC storage to any Thunderbolt enabled system.

fc san

FC Workgroup Solution

Compatible with Xsan, MetaSAN, Stornext, Fibrejet and SANmp.     









  Product Performance

ds240 performance comp

Performance (MB/s) Read Write

speedomete small

  • READ: 2,864MB/s
WRITE: 2,783MB/s

Operating System

  • Windows 2012


  • Single 2.0GHz Xeon E5504 / 6GB

Host Bus Adapter

  • Qlogic QLE 2564 (Quad Port / 8G FC), Driver Ver.

Disk Drive Model

  • 2TB, WD WD 2001FYYG, 7.2K SAS
 Benchmark Utility
 atto benchmark utility
  • ATTO Disk Benchmark (Ver. 2.47)
  • Transfer Size: 8192.0KB
  • Total Length: 256MB
  • Que Depth: 8


  • RAID 5
  • 1-Volume, 1-LUN
  • 4-ports Connected


 System Models dual-controller

DS320FS-F16TD Includes (16), 1TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives
DS320FS-F32TD Includes (16), 2TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives 32.0TB
DS320FS-F48TD Includes (16), 3TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives
DS320FS-F64TD Includes (16), 4TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives 64.0TB

 [1] Actual formatted capacity will depend on filesystem and selected RAID configuration.



Storage Expansion Systems expansnion

DS316JD-F16T Includes (16), 1TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives 16.0TB
DS316JD-F32T Includes (16), 2TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives 32.0TB
DS240JD-F48T Includes (16), 3TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives 48.0TB
DS240JD-F64T Includes (16), 4TB, 7.2K, 3.5" SAS Disk Drives 64.0TB

 [1] Actual formatted capacity will depend on filesystem and selected RAID configuration.



 Accessories accessories



16Gb/s Fibre Channel Transceiver Module



Includes (16), 3.0TB, 7K NL SAS Disk Drives



Expansion Cable, SFF8088-to-SFF8088, 1 meter length.